This type of reach-in is ideal for locations with reduced space for storage. It’s ideal because it only occupies a small space, and as it doesn’t require any space for people to move inside, the whole interior capacity can be used for storage.

Normally this type of reach-in is preferred by bakers and confectioners, as the interior shelving size is 600x400mm.

Studies and custom projects

We can provide quotes for and manufacture individual Modular Cabinets of the AMD range, as well as:

  • AMD Modular Adjoining Cabinets and combine them as you wish (diff erent temperatures, doors, etc.).
  • AMD Modular Cabinets, with a depth (600 mm) and height (2520 m) diff erent to the standard measurement.
  • AMD Modular Cabinets with doors at both the front and back or a door-frame panel replaced with a vertical panel.
  • Also, with or without interior fi ttings (sliders and shelves), for example.