intarloop is a supermarket refrigeration system, consisting of:

DX cooling units distributed, with indirect condensation by a water circuit; and one or more air-cooler units in parallel connected to the condensor heat disipator.

Different cooling units are located next to the service or evaporator   incorporating the electrical panel and evaporator control and reducing refrigerant charge of R134a / R449A.

Condensation heat is removed by indirect circuit water and is recovered in the drycooler units incorporated in the hydraulic unit.

Drycooler installed in multiple units in parallel provides greater reliability.

Air-cooler and drycooler refrigeration units are low-noise, with compressor soundproofing and sound absorbing coating.

The system is designed to operate under high ambient temperatures in summer up to 45 ºC, and condensation heat recovery for heating in winter.


Simple installation.
Tropicalised design for ambient temperature up to 45 ºC as standard.
Reduced refrigerant load.
According to F-Gas.