Ideal cabinets for the exhibition of the products inside. Used by the final consumer. Cameras are also manufactured with the glass front to be used as an exhibitor and at the same time as a refrigerated warehouse.

Panel: Standard floor inside with phenolic board outside white painted galvanized metal.

Floor panel: Standard Floor:Inside Non-skid galvanized metal plate,Outside White painted galvanized metal.

Thickness: Insulation 80mm (Tª +) 100mm (Tª –), CFC-free polyurethane injected at high pressure to a density of 43-45 kg/m3.

Solid door: Pivoting with standard dimensions for door of 1830×800 mm, interior opening system and key lock.

The tongue and groove panel is one of the main differentiations of the AMPC.

– All the frame are made in aluminium, chemical silver anodized.
– Doors with triple glass.
– External pane tempered (security glass).
– Complete with magnetic gasket.
– Estándar operating voltaje range: 230 – 240 V at 50 Hz.

For the low temperature versión:

  • Outer frame heaters.
  • Door frame heater.
  • Heated glass.
  • High humidity enviroments.

The cabinets and coldrooms come ready-prepared, and only require fitting the glass door frames and tightening the screws. No additional cutting is needed, which facilitates the assembling.


  1. Innovative sanitary radio profile incorporated into the panels, being inserted into the injection panel during the manufacturing process.
  2. Modular panel with tongue and groove profile that gives a perfect tightness.
  3. Innovative union system “clip art” which does not incorporate metal parts.


As standard per each door, the set of shelves are consisted of 4 grates set and 1 basement grate. Every grates set are consisted of a grate, 2 support preces, a level space and frontal top

  • Shelves 1P.
  • Shelves 2P.
  • Shelves 3P.
  • Shelves 4P.
  • Shelves 5P.
  • Rack dividers.



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Telefono 00 34 957 51 01 80

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