PVC strip curtains minimizes the airflow in the openings of the refrigerator doors, reducing the thermal load. Very useful for refrigeration and rooms with hygienic special needs.

  • A fitted curtain to hang inside the coldroom that doesn’t obstruct the doorway.
  • All fittings and screws are made of stainless steel and suitable for the food industry and industrial refrigeration.
  • The width of the PVC strips is 200mm, with an overlap of between 50mm and 60mm.
  • Individually interchangeable strips.


  • Easy and quick installation.
  • Drill screws are provided made of stainless steel.
  • Alternative placing for strips in order to improve the efficiency.

We are the manufacturers of the strip curtains, and can supply curtains for any door sizes. Please consult our technical sales department.

Data Sheet

Ficha tecnica de cortinas de lamas
Propiedad Property Norma Standard Refrigeración Refrigeration Congelación Freezing Unidad Units
Espesor 2 3 mm
Densidad (ASTM C 177) 1,22 1,18 g/cm3
Temperatura de rotura al frío (ISO 8570) -35 -40 ºC
Cold bend brittle temp
Temperatura máxima de servicio (EN 1876) 50 30 ºC
Max. usage temp
Temperatura mínima de servicio (EN 1876) -15 -25 ºC
Min. usage temp
Dureza (EN ISO 868) 80 65 Sh A
Shore A hardness
Elongación a la rotura ASTM D 638 EN ISO 527 340 390 %
Elongation at break
Resistencia a la rotura 16 12 N/mm2
Tensible strenght at break
Absorción de agua EN ISO 62 -0,2 -0,2 %
Water absorption
Protección al sonido DIN 52210 35 35 dB
Sound reduction
Resistencia al fuego DIN 4102 AS/NZS 3837 NF P 92-507 Grp4/B2 Grp4/B2 Grado Grade
Reaction to fire
Resistencia UV ISO 4892 Si Yes Si Yes
UV resistance
Transmisión de la luz EN 1598 85 85 %
IR Filter
Capacidad termica ISO 11357 1,6 1,6 kJ/kg·K
Specific heat capacity
Conductividad térmica ASTM 177 0,16 0,16 W/m·K
Thermal conductivity



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