It is the cold room with a superior quality, offering great ease of assembly due to its profiles. Their profiles are injected with polyurethane, unlike many similar cameras on the market.

Panel. Standard coating of galvanized metal plate painted with white food-certified piant, colour ral 9010 and protective film.

Panel floor. Standard floor stainless steel 304 non-slip outside white painted galvanized metal.

Thickness insulation. 80Mm (tª +) 100mm (tª –). Cfc-free polyurethane injected at high pressure to a density of 43-45 kg/m3

Inside dimensions.
Length and width 124 x 124 cm a 444 x 244 cm (modules of 20 cm)
Height 196 cm – 216 cm – 236 cm -256 cm – 276cm

Outside dimensions.
Length and width: Inside dimensions + 16 cm (e=80) + 20cm (e=100)
Height with floor: Inside dimensions + 18 cm (e=80) + 20cm (e=100)
Height without floor: Inside dimensions + 8 cm (e=80) + 10cm (e =100)

Profiles. Perimeter tubular made of PVC with sanitary corner and coefficient of 0,021 kcal/mh°C thermic conductivity.

Door. Pivoting door with aluminum command, stainless steel.. . Standard dimensions for doors of 1830×800 mm.

  • Alarm.
  • (1,9 kg, LT 1,20 m)/ Axe UNE 16599.
  • Axe´s support.
  • Ramp.
  • Freezing kit (frame heater door and compensation valve of pressure).
  • Change of door.
  • Special hinger door (up to 1000 mm lenght)
  • Standard sliding door
  • Special sliding door (up to 1000mm)


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Impafri is the leading Spanish manufacturer of commercial coldrooms and modular cabinets.
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Telefono 00 34 957 51 01 80

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